Monthly Archives: October 2013

September STUDENTS of the month

Congratulations to the following students for being “Student of the Month” for your class.  Thank you for showing dedication, motivation, positive attitude and most importantly for valuing your education.

9th grade

  • 9A:  David Cedeno
  • 9B: Jade Singleton
  • 9C: Autumn Brown
  • 9D: Richelle Martinez

10th grade

  • 10A: Aysha Hernandez
  • 10B: Marilyn Leal
  • 10C: Fiona Yeboah
  • 10D: Daren Rivera

11th grade

  • 11A: Joelys Soto
  • 11B: Guillermo Falquez
  • 11C: Rayshawn Ross
  • 11D: Paige Hodge

12th grade

  • 12A: Estrella Abreu
  • 12B: Tayra Gomez