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Senior Trip Pics are UP

Check out the Senior Class trip pictures in our Gallery section.  Make sure you email any pictures to so we can include those on the site as well.20150312_093809.jpg

What are the 9th graders learning at HSVD this month?

Global-Mr Rau

 In Global II, we recently completed a periodic assessment that compared and contrasted feudal systems in Europe and Japan.  This week, we have analyzed documents related to the period of the Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty which are being used in a DBQ essay.  We also analyzed primary and secondary source documents related to the Ming Dynasty period in Chinese history.  Still to come, a study of documents related to the Bubonic Plague and its effects on the world.


English- Dr Feinstein

 In class, students are reading the novel PUSH by Sapphire or the novel THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN by Alexie and discussing and taking notes on various themes, such as Family, Home, and Persistence.  Students will be writing literary analysis essays on the novel they are reading in class.  That essay will be peer-reviewed and revised.  Students have nightly homework of reading an Independent Reading book for ONE HOUR and also must write ONE PAGE in a Reader’s Journal every night.  Two nights a week, they may do a Free-Write in their Reader’s Journal, but they still mush read for one hour.


 Math –Rubin

 Students are describing patterns in real world numerical data. They have learned the difference between an Arithmetic Sequence and a Geometric Sequence and have learned prediction and summary formulas for both. The Geometric Sequence is a list of numbers that increase by a Common Ratio. An example is 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, … where each term is twice the previous term. They will then apply this knowledge to the study of Exponential Functions and their graphs. Real world examples include the Interest in a Bank Account, Population Growth, and Half-Lives in Chemistry. Features of the graphs include asymptotic behavior followed by an extremely steep slope. For fun, try doubling the value of a penny each day for 30 days.

Chemistry -Chang


Chemistry:  This month in chemistry, students will be learning about organic compounds.  Organic compounds are present everywhere around us, including our own bodies!  We hope that through this unit, students will gain a deeper understanding of organic compounds by studying its composition, purpose, and function, particularly through everyday contexts.

Chem1/Sci and Tech:  This month in Science and Technology, students will be debating the pros and cons of Technology especially in reference to themselves and each other.  Students will also work on their proficiency in programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel which will aid them in their future endeavors.