Monthly Archives: May 2016

Congratulations to the Orchestra program on an amazing concert!

Congratulations to those who performed at the Orchestra Spring Concert of 2016, on another great performance! This year was especially special: we had teachers, a guidance counselor, an assistant principal, and other HSVD staff members performing “Lean on Me”, alongside the entire orchestra program. Another year of hard work, paid off! Thank you to everyone who performed and contributed to this successful performance!



HSVD Community Service Club @ AIDS Walk NY

On Sunday, May 15, 2016, members of the HSVD Community Service Club participated in AIDS Walk NY.  We walked 10 K (6.2 miles) and raised $100 to promote research to fight the epidemic.  Aside from a few sprinkles, the weather held out and a great time was had by all!  Participants included club advisor Mr. Rau, co-advisor Ms. Siebuhr, seniors Ana Portillo, Tatiana Burns, and Shanelley Salcedo, sophomores Ali Shim, Raquel Cruz, and Deondre Williams, and alumnus Melisse Valdez, Brian Ferreira, EinAsia Smith, Ayannah Salaam, Indira Hernandez, nd past club president Carolina Gonzalez (who surprised all of us with her appearance!)  In addition, we were joined by Raquel’s sister Mariel and Tatiana’s friend Dajia.  Well done HSVD!



Community Service Club: March for Babies

On Sunday, April 24th, the members of the HSVD Community Service Club participated in the March for Babies in Manhattan.  We walked 3 miles and raised $126 for research for the prevention of premature births and support for babies born prematurely.  The weather was perfect for a Spring morning and a great time was had by all!  Participants included Club advisor Mr. Rau, co-advisor Ms. Chung, Club president Karina Alvarez, seniors Ana Portillo, Myka Humes, Angelyn Robles, and Vladimir Perez, sophomores Deondre Williams, Ali Shim, and Teresa Peterson, HSVD alumnae EinAsia Smith and Brian Ferreira, two of Myka’s friends, and Ms. Chung’s friend Billy and even her dog Nala.  Well done HSVD!