October STUDENTS of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being “Student of the Month” for your class.  Thank you for showing dedication, motivation, positive attitude and most importantly for valuing your education.

9th grade

  • 9A:  Briel Brewer
  • 9B: Jaleny Reyes
  • 9C: Destiny Cole
  • 9D: Keyshla Jimenez Reyes

10th grade

  • 10A: Gabriela Ogando
  • 10B: Dimitri Adams
  • 10C: Annie Lebron
  • 10D: Myka Humes

11th grade

  • 11A: Shanneley Salcedo
  • 11B: Yafreisy Rivera
  • 11C: Ebony Perrin
  • 11D: Nachary Rivera

12th grade

  • 12A: Gisselle Ruiz
  • 12B: Dionne Barnes