Principal’s Message

principal_hsvdWelcome to HSVDs’ website!

We wish to communicate important announcements and keep you attuned to the latest HSVD news. Thanks to technology’s impact on our world this website will help enable us to stay in touch, be well informed and connected. We believe every student can graduate high school and go to college or the workforce and pursue their maximum potential. Our teamwork and adopting the “village raising a child” mindset allows us to have this vision. Here at the High School for Violin & Dance we strongly believe that “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION” for any of our children. We work diligently and collaboratively with parents/caregivers to provide our students with the necessary tools to ensure that they are intelligent and caring leaders in society and live productive and successful lives.

There’s always something great happening at our school because of our awesome students, staff and the entire HSVD Community. We take risks, celebrate people and raise the level of achievement. We take pride in feedback so that we can make the necessary changes to continue providing opportunities and supporting our students.

Feel free to contact us as well as reach out and tell others about our school.

We are proud of the past 10 years, which include 5 consecutive “A” NYC school report card grades.

We are only a click away,
Franklin Sim